Sunday, January 4, 2015

Belly Dance Essentials with Amy

This 6 week session will focus on building a strong foundation of the basics for new dancers and improving basic technique in more advanced dancers. Elements of various styles of belly dance will be reviewed and drilled to build muscle memory.
**To reserve your spot or payment please call
812 989-0821 / or pay via pay pal link below

Option 1:

5 Week Package at $55.00

Option 2:
 One Session at $13.00

"Expect there to be a lot of shimmies and fun!!"
*Space is limited
Please reserve your spot today!!
$55.00 for 5 week package or $13.00 Per Class
Saturdays/ 11.00am- 12:30pm
All levels of dance welcome

* No Class Saturday Feb 14, 2015
5 wks session end date; March 7, 2015

Amy Gibson began belly dancing in 2009 as a student of Mystic Hips Belly Dance /. She is a member of Mystic Hips Belly Dance and Al Hamsa.

Her specialties are feather fan dancing , constructing and performing dynamic drum solos, and she has a strong base in improvisational tribal fusion belly dance. Her goals is to educate the community in the art of the dance.